About us


The yacht will be prepared for your period of use in accordance with your requirements. Your yacht will be maintained by accredited suppliers and companies.


Your boat can be used in and around the coastline where it’s based. Visit places that are inaccessible to other main stream tourists with the option to stay aboard when visiting.

Obtaining a Share

A set of agreements will be presented to you for signature. The receipt of your deposit will secure your share. View our shares currently available.

What is Shareboats?

Shareboats is the easiest way to own boats around
the world. Shareboats is a structure whereby a group of individuals jointly
acquire a high value asset. Each individual acquires part ownership, giving
them the right of use of such asset as an owner.

The asset is managed by a skilled management company on behalf of the
owners, providing a cost effective, “hassle free”, well maintained and
fun filled investment.


Advantages of owning share(s)


The capital outlay is reduced to 10% of the cost of the yacht, although
your utilisation could easily be the same as that of a sole owner.
Research shows that most owners use their yachts for only a few weeks
per year.

The proper maintenance of a yacht requires technical skills.
Reduces the risk of holding an expensive, under utilised asset.
Eliminates all the typical difficulties of preparing the yacht for quick and
easy use.



Ownership of the yacht


The yacht is owned by a Fractional Ownership Company viz “Princess
One (Pty) Ltd”. Each investor is a shareholder of Princess One (Pty) Ltd.
An individual can own more than one share.

Manco manages all the affairs of Princess One
(Pty) Ltd and is also contracted to provide management services
for the yacht. Each shareholder pays a monthly management fee for
the upkeep and management of the yacht.


Ownership terms


Princess One (Pty) Ltd would own the boat for a 5-year period.
However, the yacht can be sold prior to the end of this period by
agreement of all shareholders. Alternatively, the period of ownership
can be extended beyond 5 years by simple majority decision.

Manco will market and sell the yacht on behalf of Princess One
(Pty) Ltd, at the time the shareholders resolve to dispose thereof.
The net proceeds are distributed back to the shareholders.

Should a shareholder wish to dispose of his share in Princess One (Pty) Ltd at
any stage, Manco will facilitate this transaction, subject to the rights
of pre-emption set out in the shareholders’ agreement.

  • About Us
    Shareboats is a company that let's you own your share of luxury yachts at a fraction of the cost. Buy a share in 1 or more boats and have your options open for sailing the seas. Get in touch to find out about forth coming share opportunities.
  • The Benefits

    Some of the many benefits of
    owning a share include:

    - We refuel and maintain
    - Dedicated team of skippers
    - Your own slice of luxury
    - No massive investment
    - Own more than 1 share

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